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    Ukulele Competition

    Hi everyone, I have recently started a Youtube channel and I'm running a competition, I thought I'd add a link on the forum to see if it is of interest to anyone, all the best, Jb

    Here is the competition video -

    I am putting the finishing touches to my first online instrumental course - "Beginners Ukulele" and it will be ready for the new year!
    To celebrate this, I have decided to give one lucky winner THREE prizes!

    Prize 1 - The Beginners Ukulele course for free upon release.
    Prize 2 - A free 30 minute 1to1 Ukulele Skype lesson.
    Prize 3 - I will purchase a brand new Soprano ukulele and send it to you.

    For more content please check out my:

    Youtube Channel

    Facebook Page


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