No More Lyrics..?

  1. last year

    I posted about a day or two ago about how the lyrics for songs were censored out (made into x's) even though I was logged into the site as usual (I could still see lyrics for tabs I submitted myself, and unrated/pending tabs when I rated them, and I could also still do things like comment and rate, so I know I was logged in). I didn't get a very helpful answer from anyone, so I just kept returning to the site in hopes that maybe it was just a bug and it would be fixed, but I still saw X's, so I decided to look around to see if anyone had the same problem as me, and eventually I ended up in the FAQ and came across this:

    "Why do the lyrics have X's over most of the words ?
    Lyrics are copyrighted, we can't publish them unless we get the rights. Hiding the lyrics is the only solution we have to run legally, this is not a bug ! (but an awesome Lyrics Killer on the fly made by our dev)

    There are thousands of sites that have the lyrics, why not UT ?
    There are thousands of illegal guitar/lyrics sites... UT respects the copyrights."

    This answers my original question, but is this a recent change? Because on Monday (5 days ago now) the lyrics were visible as normal. Also, does that mean that websites like and are illegal? Because they seem fairly popular, especially UG (what most guitarists use for tabs), wouldn't they have been shut down or sued by now? I'm just really confused on all of this.This is one of my favorite websites and I'd hate to stop using it as much as I used to, but having the exact lyrics on-screen was really helpful, and that feature randomly being removed is kind of upsetting.

  2. it may have been a bug? it happened to me the other day so i exited the site and reopened it. as for the websites i'm sure they're fine. i'd continue using them as normal.

  3. i think if it happens again just log out and log back in

  4. This has happened to me too and it still hasn't changed. I've made a different account and logged in and out multiple times and nothing has changed. :/

  5. hapen to me too and wont go back at all .. its super anyoing, and less fun to use anymore.

  6. UT

    11 Jul 2018 Administrator

    It's a complicated topic... We used to replace lyrics with Xs because our lawyer told us to do so to avoid legal issues back in 2010. But things evolved since, and other lawyers we contacted don't all agree with this trick.
    Now, tabs are Xed in some countries, but not all around the world, like before. There's absolutely no reason why it should change if you access the site from the same location. I think our geoloc system fails at some point (it is updated on a monthly basis, with a 99% accuracy), unfortunately there's nothing we can do...

    Also, does that mean that websites like and are illegal?

    Totally. and are not licensed. It's even a lot worst than that but let's keep things simple... UG does pay royalties, so they are legal.
    But note that it was not always the case, and the reason why they are so famous is because they were the only big tab site still online at some point: when the MPA of America began to shut down most tab sites, UG simply ignore their threats, and kep their archive online. (It is funny to see this mention was removed from their article on Wikipedia EN , it is now written that UG was not affected by the MPA legal actions because they had license agreements with thousands of publishers... which was totally wrong at the time. They got licensed years later).

  7. still no lyrics ...still rly shit ...

  8. JaxX

    26 Sep 2018 Moderator

    Does it work with a VPN?

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