Easiest Death Metal Songs / Chords / Riffs

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    Hey everyone, first post here so I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section or whatnot.

    I was hoping for some direction on the absolute easiest death metal songs, chords, and riffs on a ukulele. I just want to be able to play some death metal-ish stuff for a strange band session thing coming up, lol.

    It's not a genre I listen to much, but from what I've listened to today there's definitely repeated keys, chords, and riff styles.

    I'm an absolute beginner but if you give me some place to start I can usually Google and muscle thorough.


  2. I would use a steel string solid body electric uke. Vorson is probably the least pricey. You will need an amp and a footswitch like a Boss ME 80 setting it to crunch, drop an octave on a SubNup, use one finger two string power chords and don't forget to scream. Power chords are easy. They are half barre two-note chords when written have a five after them. A lower G or F power chord won't be a half barre. I don't listen to death metal much so I can't suggest a song but you should be able to adapt to it with power chords, screaming, and electronics.

    I don't think you can pull it off very well without the electronics and metal strings. Death Metal is very powerful stuff and ukulele needs help being a powerful instrument in that genre. When I listen to it I don't hear much in the way of musical notes or anything harmonic unless they are an upscale Death Metal band like Opeth which actually has some singing and harmony. They are about the only death metal band I can stand. Ghost of Perdition comes to mind.

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    I did happen to write a tab request for Ritual by Ghost BC before I knew anything about power chords. Here it is. Here is the You-Tube Video. It isn't a bad song either and has some actual harmony and singing.

  4. Thanks for the replies @HighD !

    Yeah, if I was serious about playing death metal often I'd definitely look into another ukulele and whatnot. But I've got an electric guitar for that, lol (this is for more of a joke than anything)

    But thanks for getting me started with some info on chords and whatnot; that's more or less what I'm looking for. I've also been browsing YouTube to see what metal/hard songs people play on uke.

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