Black Chord Pictures

  1. last year

    These things are getting in the way with or without Auto Scroll. You cannot see lyrics or play the tabs because they are covered up. This is on my laptop. The tabs work fine on my cell phone. I prefer the laptop because cell phone print is small.

  2. UT

    22 Feb 2018 Administrator
    Edited last year by UT

    Hey @HighD, sorry about that. I suppose you're talking about "sticky chords", right?
    If so, they don't stick to top on mobiles, because it takes too much space. But they stick on desktop version (start from 1040px wide if I'm right). You can always click the left arrow to hide them.

    We know it's not optimal, so it will be possible to activate sticky chords or not by default soon (we're about to add a bunch personal settings to customize the way tabs are shown). Thx for your patience.

  3. Ha! Has that little wee arrow been there all along or is it a newer development. Thanks for the quick reply. That solves that!

  4. UT

    22 Feb 2018 Administrator

    It was already there ;) But yes, it's very small (to save space)

  5. That will teach me to be more observant! LOL

  6. UT

    22 Feb 2018 Administrator

    LOL, I guess it's more an UX issue, we've made it too small! But it will change soon :)

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