Strumming Problems

  1. last year

    A problem I have with strumming is that I always mess up. My natural strum pattern is DUDUUDU and whenever I attempt to try another one, I'm always extremely slow and sloppy.
    Am I the only one who has this problem? If so, how should I fix it? I want to play New Perspective, and Jet Pack Blues and I can't do that without learning some new pattern.

  2. Strumming used to be really hard for me. I would say just to start out slow though, and just keep playing it over and over. Eventually, you will just play the pattern without even thinking. A really easy strumming pattern is DDU UDU. I would mute my ukelele and just do the pattern over and over while I was watching tv or something.

  3. I find that listening to the song and counting out the timing then playing with the song while counting the rhythm/timing helps me with my strumming.

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