Best songs to play on uke?

  1. 8 years ago

    what are some of your favorite songs to play on the uke? & what are some good bands I should try playing songs from? thanks

  2. When I started first playing, I looked up artists that I wanted to cover from the start. For me, it was AJ Rafael, Bob Marley, IZ Kina Grannis, etc. The most important thing to get down as a beginner (in my opinion) is learning to strum in rhythm and starting to learn chords. By focusing on bands/songs you are interested in from the start, you'll have more fun and be more into it, making the learning process quicker and more enjoyable.
    Personally I feel like Somewhere Over the Rainbow is sort of a beginner's start if they don't really know where to begin, and really it's just genre preference from there. I hope this was somewhat helpful, and goodluck!

  3. Personally I think 'Hallelujah' is a pretty common song for beginners. It has easy (and common) chords, it sounds good and it allows for some experimentation with strumming. There's a nice version over on Uke Hunt If you want something with some tab involved then Jack Johnson's 'Banana Pancakes' is a good place to start. Personally, I love playing anything by City and Colour, his songs are lovely

  4. UT

    8 Aug 2012 Administrator

    Most bookmarked tabs on UT might help you to find song ideas :

    There's also our top tabs here :

    hope it helps.

  5. Well, to start out, I just really wanted to cover some of my favorite artists. NeverShoutNever was relatively simple at the time, and the only hard thing about his songs (as a beginner) was the strumming pattern (he incorporates a lot of palm muting) Another artist that has simple ukulele songs is Ingrid Michaelson. I highly suggest her because her music is amazing!

    Other artists I cover are Tiny Tim, Panic! At The Disco, Eddie Vedder, Bess Rogers, She & Him, and Paramore.
    There are tons more but these are just some to get you started!

  6. The first songs i learned:
    You always hurt the ones you love-Ryan Gosling
    Sweet Child O Mine-Guns N Roses
    Elephant Gun-Beirut
    I'm new too so that's all i've learned.

  7. UT

    9 Aug 2012 Administrator

    "richooo" Sweet Child O Mine-Guns N Roses

    Not the easiest one if you play the famous riff ! But very good choice

  8. postcards from italy by beirut. its super easy to play and sounds amazing! its what got me excited about learning songs on the uke

  9. Everyone is going to have their own personal favorite songs to play. For me, the first thing I tought myself was "Little Lion Man" as the chords are user (or should I say uker) friendly, but really what I'd recomend is this - pick a band you're passionate about. Or maybe a song that you love. Go find the chords/tab for it, and if it's just too hard, then try another one. I've been playing for 2 years now, I'll sometimes spend hours at a time alone uke-ing, and there are songs I haven't been able to figure out. But when you can play along with your favorite song (or at least a favorite song) its just about the best feeling in the world. Just my 2 cents.

  10. The first song I ever learnt was a cover version on youtube of Justin Timberlakes My Love. Takes a bit of practice, but find something you'll enjoy and is somewhat easy.

  11. Being that you posted in the Beginner Area, i'm going to say some beginner songs.

    I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
    Hey, Soul Sister - Train

    These ones are just four basic chords, look the chords/tabs up on the website

  12. thongar

    10 Aug 2012 Moderator

    This song is really fun to play on the ukulele.

    It's taken me awhile to learn though!

    Another song I like on the ukulele is "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid. The ukulele really brings out the bright, happy sound to it.

    It all depends on what you prefer/listen to though.

  13. "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" and "Can't Help Falling In Love With You"

  14. Not very many people know this one (unless you are a fan of charlieissocoollike), but I played Melody for Melody by Charlie McDonnell. It was challenging...BUT that's the way I wanted it. It is my go-to song! I think if you are looking for a song to begin with, pick one that you think will stick with you for a long time. Then you can play it better than other songs and go back to it whenever you feel like it. BUT it's not up to me.
    Good luck finding your song!

  15. Wild World - Cat Stevens

    Santeria - Sublime

    What's up - 4 non-blonds

  16. I think any finger picking song is always a good song to play on the uke.

  17. Things like Chimbley Sweep and Bandit Queen by the Decemberists are pretty fun!

  18. Blow Up the Outside World by Soundgarden
    When I See You Smile by Bad English
    Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against

    Those are some of my favorites that translated right over to ukulele well. I think I covered 3 different decades of music there too.

  19. I love playing Falling by The Civil Wars.

  20. Best song (my) is hmmm... (I THINK)
    Oh I have !!! Baby, I'm yours by Arctic Monkeys! And Smells like teen Spirit by Nirvana, AC/DC Thunnderstruck and Come as You are (Nirvana), maybe Enter Sandman and Tell me Where did You sleep Last night
    I Greet!

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