Same Artist Name, Wrong Artist

  1. last year

    Hello! Slight problem--I just put up a tab, and in the "similar artist" portion of it (I was putting up an artist that isn't on here) there was one that had the same name, and that's usually right, but it's actually a different artist! I remember looking him up on Spotify before and getting the same artist, but it's not the one I'm looking for. Is there a way to reassign the artist, or get the actual artist inputted?

    (P.S. The artist is Ryan Ross, who is previously associated with The Young Veins and Panic! At The Disco, but there's a small country artist by the same name, which is not what I was going for.)

  2. UT

    12 Jan 2018 Administrator

    hey! thanks for your feedback. If I get it right, you want to add a Ryan Ross song, but the artist we have is not the one you need. Correct?

  3. Correct. It's not a big issue, as people will still find it, it's just attributed to the wrong guy. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

  4. UT

    12 Jan 2018 Administrator

    OK, that's an issue that will be fixed in the new site. For some reason we currently use artist names as IDs (it's bad db architecture... but it's 10 years old :P ), it means they are supposed to be unique... :/
    thanks for you patience.

  5. 6 months ago

    I submitted a tab and something similar happened. The name of the band is Carmen, it's a new band, so I had to add it here, but there's an artist named Eric Carmen and for some reason the band Carmen is with the same pic as Eric Carmen although they're different artists. I wanted to know how to fix it with the actual band information.

  6. UT

    24 Jul 2018 Administrator

    It will be possible to report errors in artist names. In time, can you list the tabs having a wrong artist name please? Thx

  7. 4 months ago


    Sep 26 Administrator
    Edited 4 months ago by UT

    @UnicornMe Let us know if you still need help with this, thx.

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