Please help me identify this antique ukulele!

  1. 2 years ago

    I bought this as my first ukulele (pics here) , thought it would be neat to have an older one as my first. It was from the estate of a gentleman who collected high end instruments. I was told he bought it "decades ago", maybe in Hawaii, and that it was handmade and that he considered it to be of very good quality. Unfortunately, there is no markings or labels aside from a mark embossed into the wood inside that says "Made in USA", and remnants of glue where there would normally be a label. There is also engraved into the headstock by hand the initials "R.D.R." but aside from that I am at a loss! Please help me learn more about this ukulele!

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    The headstock is similar to my Wurlitzer. Wurlitzers are pretty hard to find if that is one. I think Martin manufactured them for a while with the same headstock.They eventually bought out Wurlitzer and then made their own ukulele with their own signature headstock. Interestingly, yours has a crack in the same spot as mine. 2017-09-10 18.33.45.jpg2017-09-10 18.34.19.jpg

  3. The headstocks do look very similar and I am going to have a look into Wurlitzer and see where that leads me. Yours looks nicer than mine but funny how they have the same cracking! I will update if I get anywhere in my hunt. Thanks for the reply!

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