how to create a songbook

  1. 3 years ago

    I'd like to be able to create a songbook but it is not obvious how to add songs. Help!

  2. JaxX

    12 Sep 2017 Moderator

    For now you can't create songbooks (but as far as I know they will add this someday), just use the one you have in your account (link ).
    To add a song to your songbook, simply click the heart icon at the right below the title.

  3. 2 years ago

    How do I delete some songs from my Songbook?

    There was a problem on my android app a few weeks ago and it copied almost all the songs I had-then more than 300 apperared-, I reinstall the app but the problem still, then I tried (in the smartphone and pc) to delete the songs one by one until only the pieces I wanted were on the list -it took me hours!, but it didn't work so I still have those songs repeated and some others I don't want to keep on my SB.

  4. Looks like a sync issue to me. You should probably contact the team directly, unless a mod see this.

  5. UT

    28 Nov 2017 Administrator

    @pau1223 We got back to you by email (sorry again about this) ;)
    Just so you know it is now possible to bulk remove tabs from songbook. Remember that you can display up to 100 tabs at once. It should make your life easier!

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