Playing the Blues on a baritone ukulele

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi there, I am a beginner playing the Baritone Ukulele, never have played any other instrument either. I have always loved the Blues and am looking for some simple tunes to play, can you help?

  2. JaxX

    28 Aug 2017 Moderator

    Hi @Lindiva. If youre new to ukulele you should probably learn the basics first ;)

    But if you like the blues you need to know it is based on chord progressions (made of 3 chords most of the time), such as this one: I-IV-I-V-I.
    Roman letters are the degrees, the first being the key. So if you want to play a blues in E major, E becomes the key, then you get II: F, II: G, III, A, IV: B, V: C, etc.

    In short our progression becomes: E (I), B (IV), E (I), C (V), E (I)
    And because we often use 7ths in blues (it gives you the basics for blues and rock n roll) we could play something a bit cooler: E, B7, E, C7, E.

    Following this rule, in A you get this: A, D7, A, E7, A

    A good start would be to learn the basic blues chord progressions, and practice your 7th chords. Then you can learn about turnarounds , endings, etc.

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