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Delete tab with mistakes

  1. 2 years ago

    Okay, I want to understand.

    A few hours ago, I gave the correct answer to what suggested "@HighD" . But, after believing that the problem it had been solved, I went back to review the old tab that I had corrected and the problem was presented again. However, not to complicate matters further:

    Now I check again "my tabs" and there is only the last tab, which is the one I really want to stay:

    Ideally now that all is well i hope that stay that way! :P

    I don't know to what change you mean with "but due to cache it can take up to 24hours before they are really gone". I have searched on google "Luna radiante Los cafres tab" and as a result I get my first and worst version, even though this version seems to have been deleted from my tabs. Maybe you mean this with "due to cache". If so, I just have to wait.

    Regards and Thanks :)

  2. UT

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    Yes, that's the cache-thing I'm talking about. Your "my tabs" page reflects all changes in real time, while public listings on site are cached to prevent a server overload.

    It means your tabs were deleted but due to cache they are still temporarily available on the website (cache lasts for 24h before being refreshed). In a few hours they will be gone, then it's only a matter of time before Google de-index them from the search results.

    hope this helps ;)