Does anyone wanna start a band with me?

  1. 2 years ago

    Does anyone wanna start a band with me

    you have to be 14+ years of age

    you must be able to play a different instrument or sing

    email me at

    10 audition spots open

  2. Hello Lollapop15,

    I think you may have to approach things a bit differently. I tried forming a band using a few different ways. Luckily for me, my husband formed a band and I play a few songs with them.

    I see from another post that you live somewhere in South Dakota. In order to find people close to you, I would do searches under the community tab by clicking on member search on the drop down menu. Make sure the USA is selected under country. I would check mark both genders and let the ages between 13 and 99 alone. I would leave the username blank and leave I don't mind in the other two spots. This way you will get the maximum number of results for each city you put into the city box. Here is a city list. You will discover just like on your profile many will not include where they are located. It will be important for you to note when the last time a person has logged in. If they haven't been here in two years you have very little chance of contacting them.

    I also advertised on Craigslist with no response. I did get a couple of nibbles from a group on Facebook that includes Pennsylvania musicians. You might want to do a facebook search for South Dakota Musicians. I saw a few groups when I did a search.

    Don't get discouraged. It is sometimes very hard to form a band and keep bandmates. Players often have different visions. We had to try out a lot of players. We are very lucky as we have 6 to 8 different people who are dedicated and fun to work with. We each practice on our own during the week and then rehearse once a week. You might just want to look around at school for people who play instruments. A three or four-piece band with a uke, a bass, a cajon or a cello might be cool.

    Good luck

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