Delete tabs

  1. 2 years ago

    I put up a song with chords but i realized that it's pretty bad and i need to fix a lot. I had trouble editing it cause it would format it weird so is there a way to delete it all together?

  2. UT

    31 Jul 2017 Administrator

    It's unfortunately no possible yet (but it will in a near future). Send us the list of the tabs you'd like to delete so we can help. Thx

  3. Deleting tabs is a good subject. What can one do, if one finds tabs on this website that are really really lousy? Like the only Tico Tico here, which is a piece that a lot of people want to play?

  4. UT

    22 Aug 2017 Administrator

    @kala569 you can either report it (red icon at the left below the title) or contact us ;)

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