Favorite Artist to Play?

  1. 2 years ago

    Mine is Rebecca Sugar.

  2. Rebecca Sugar or Twenty one Pilots

  3. Mines dodie.

  4. t swift

  5. Nevershoutnever, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Ed Sheeran, Ingrid Michaelson, Train, and Paramore

    he's a talented man. a beautiful jewelry that the world needs to know about.

  7. Lana del Rey

  8. Jason Mraz,
    I have about 40 of his songs that I have uploaded and love to play.
    His songs are great to play on the ukulele. :)

  9. Twenty one Pilots!

  10. I can't say just one artist. I have favorite jam songs. I like a lot of artists.

  11. Can't say! I just love the music, so many artists, so many genres, so many sounds...

  12. Probably My Chemical Romance or Twenty One Pilots

  13. Red Hot Chili Peppers

  14. I Like Dodie Clark, Grace Vanderwaal, Twenty One Pilots, and I am hoping to find more people! Oh! I also like playing Fleetwood Mac!

  15. Twenty One Pilots |-/

  16. Twenty One Pilots For Sure!

  17. definitely dodie! made me practice barred chords :)

  18. Grace Vanderwaal. But for some reason I prefer playing my originals than other artists' songs.


  20. definitely dodie, all of her songs are amazing and she's a mental health advocate

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