Fretboard Roadmaps

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    I have been reading a book that i thought I would share with you.
    I have been playing uke for around five years and have learned a heap of songs, but havent really improved in the last two years.
    Music theory knowledge is hard to find where I live, and if you can find it its difficult to understand. There are only two ukulele groups in my city, one of which is a mandatory requirement to dress like a pirate (?) and the other group are all retired people who want to play music from the 1920s.
    I bought this book which I have been reading to improve. It is basic music theory book as it applies exclusively to ukulele players. It has helped me greatly to navigate the fretboard; I knew there was a reason that there were more than five frets!
    It is on special at the moment on the book depository. It comes with a cd, heaps of stuff to play along to and it has challenged my playing.
    I recommend this book if:
    You dont know how to play in every key
    Certain chords are mysterious and unknown
    You have memorised a few songs on uke but have no system to tie them together
    You cant play a solo.

    Check it out. It is called 'Fretboard Roadmaps: Ukulele by Fred Sokolow and Jim Beloff.

  2. Here is a good lesson from my site spelling out the "Natural Notes" on the ukulele in both high & low G.

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