Tuning my Ukelele?

  1. 3 years ago

    Hi, i'm a complete beginner to string instruments and do not have a good ear for tone. so I bought a device that tells me what note my ukulele is playing and how high/low it is to help me tune it. I've been trying to tune it to the standard GCEA but for some reason the device never says it's playing a D no matter what I tune the 3rd string to. the only notes that come up on the device are GDEA so I have no idea what's happening or why it won't allow me to tune the string to C. Can all strings be tuned to any note?

    Additionally I've read that there are different types of ukulele, mine is a Soprano ukulele. I'm not sure if it being a soprano type is limiting in any way.

    I would greatly appreciate any help assisting me in figuring out how to tune my 3rd string to C if at all possible. I have not been able to find any answers in my searching. Thank you!

  2. have you tried with another tuner? if you use an android device there's a really good one call "Ukulele tuner free" on an iphone any chromatic tuner should work. If that doesn't work maybe your third string isn't the right one, it should be thicker than the rest.
    I hope you'll be able to tune your uke! let me know if something isn't very clear here, english is not my first language so i've did my best.

  3. All you have to do is make sure your C string sounds right. Then you fret the C string 7, and it should make the same sound as the G string. Then you fret the C string 4, and it should sound the same as the E string. Then you fret the E string 5 and it should sound the same as the A string.

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