1. 6 years ago

    Any Didjeriduists aboard .
    I have been playing Didje for 25yrs .
    Anyone interested , I will offer some handy tips .

  2. 5 years ago

    What is Didje? You have any videos of you playing on YT?

  3. 4 years ago

    Shugabella . A Didje , is short or "nickname" for a Didjeridu . or Didgeridoo.
    A Didjeridu , is an Australian Aboriginal , woodwind musical instrument .
    It is a hollow log or branch of a tree , that has been hollowed out by termites.
    A trumpet is played with tight lips . The Didjeridu , is played on the side of the mouth ,
    with "loose vibrating lips" . Similar to a horse . Thus creating a droning sound . This can sound Very haunting at times .The skill of the Didjeriduist , is sometimes exceptional , doing animal calls and
    "overtones" while "circular breathing" . This means , you are blowing air out , when you are ready
    for a breath , you store air in you mouth , squeeze air out , maintaining your sounds And "snatch"
    breaths in , like a 4-4 . Google it & listen to one . It may amaze you .

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