1. 5 years ago

    Ya... i play a lot of cello

    maybe it would be cool to play an electric cello.

  2. I love the cello! I wish I had one to learn on. In your opinion, is it hard to learn the cello?

  3. Cello is hard because there are no frets. With things like guitar and uke you don't need to worry as much about playing in tune, but the cello requires that you have your fingers in just the right places.

  4. I can't even imagine dealing with a fretless instrument!
    How long have you been playing?

  5. almost four years

  6. Playing the cello is so much funnnn. I actually don't find it to be that hard without the frets but maybe that's because I was playing the cello before any fretted instruments. I have been playing the cello for 8 years now.

  7. 4 years ago

    Have you tried the Mandocello?

  8. 3 years ago

    Ooooh who's heard of the 2Cellos? If you haven't then go listen to them. They are these 2 guys from Croatia who do all these amazing covers of pop and rock songs.

    I tried playing the cello once and it was SO HARD!!! I am so used to playing guitar and ukulele with frets, so to have this fretless instrument was so weird. How do you guys do it?

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