Colour Me In Gold Uke tab by JP Cooper

8 Chords used in the song: Gm, D, F#m, C, Bm, A, Em, Bb

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Year:  2014
Key: unknownChords
Gm Gm               D D      F#m F#m
You colour me in gold
Gm Gm D D F#m F#m
Lips like Petals on my throat
Gm Gm D D
And those fingertips like paintbrush strokes
paper boats
Bm Bm
softly float
like a song we wrote

Bm Bm D D
But summer comes and summer goes
Gm Gm D D F#m F#m
You changed you hair, you change your clothes
Bm Bm D D
The books you read help you explore
the world that you believed in
Em Em D D F#m F#m
once before

Gm Gm D D F#m F#m
You colour me in gold
Gm Gm D D F#m F#m
Kiss the freckles on my nose
Em Em D D
With those blood red pomegranate lips
taking sips
Bm Bm
hand on hip
Your face could launch a thousand ships

Bm Bm D D F#m F#m
But winter comes and brings the snow
Gm Gm D D F#m F#m
You change your job, you change your home
Bm Bm Bb Bb
still reading books about the ghost of a world
you can't be living
Em Em

Em Em D D Gm Gm
And after all, you've been nothing but good to me
Bm Bm F#m F#m A A Em Em D D
And the only way I can pay you back is to daily seek
A A D D Gm Gm
those distant memories
Bm Bm A A
while I'm standing next to you

Bm Bm D D F#m F#m
So when spring time comes and blossoms grow
Bm Bm
Come take my hand
D D F#m F#m
can we expose
Bm Bm
the hideaways
Bm Bm Bb Bb
the hidden doors
the stories we believed in
Bb Bb
(oohh ooooh)
The land we both both dreamed in
D D A A F#m F#m
once before
Em Em D D F#m F#m Em Em D D F#m F#m Em Em
(oooh ooooh oho ohhh ohh) (OOh ooh ooh oooohhh ooh oohhh ohh oh)

Gm Gm D D F#m F#m
You colour me in gold

Uke tab by , 24 Nov 2014

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