Short Ballad Uke tab by Coral

5 Chords used in the song: D, F#, Bm, G, Gm

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Album:  unknown
Key: BmChords
the same chords all over the song as i hear it.nice and easy 

D D F# F# Bm Bm D D
Here's a tale of my true love
G G Gm Gm D D
Fair and free was she
D D F# F# Bm Bm D D
Wasn't I just like tonight
G G Gm Gm D D
she stole my liberty


Like a flower in the spring
Words don't mean a thing
Like the ocean greets the sand
Beyond my own command


But then she warned me
She'd have to go
And I'd be left to show
Accept the feeling and then I'll know
I'll always love her so

Uke tab by , 28 Dec 2009

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