Juniper Lee Theme Uke tab by Cartoon Network

4 Chords used in the song: C, F, G, G7

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Album:  unknown
Key: C, AmChords
# You Can't Stop The Girl 
(by Rob Guariglia, David Lehner, Rob Lehner and
Stewart Copeland as the band Ready Twilight)
# Really these are just the C C-F F-G G chords from
the bass riffs in the background...
you can also just do it as that, have fun!
Awesome song, deserved an uke cover and that's why I made it.
Decided I should put up tabs for logged off users as well.

In a world full of monsters and demons
F F                             G G  
June is the only one who sees them
When evil beasts start their plotting and scheming
F F                  G7 G7  
She kicks butt and sends them home screaming
Sends them home screaming...

C C   C C   C C C C C C C C 
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

You can't stop the girl

C C   F F   G7 G7 G G G G G G  
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

You can't stop the girl

C C                     F F     G7 G7
When crazy creatures come, June has to stop them
C C            F F           G7 G7         F F    C C
But she'd be happy if it wasn't her problem
F F C C G7 G7 F F G7 G7 F F
And she's the one who has to resolve them
G7 G7   F F   G G
Has to resolve them...

C C C C   C C   C C   C C
Go! Go! Go! Go!

G7 G7 F F C C
You can't stop the girl!

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Uke tab by , 04 Oct 2019

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