Goodnight Boy Uke tab by Arcade Fire

9 Chords used in the song: Am, Am/C, D, G, Bm, Em, C, Gmaj7, E

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Album:  unknown
Key: G, EmChords and Tablature
This is in 3/4

|Am |Am/C |D |D |
The story I.. wrote as a kid.....
|G |Bm |Em |Em |
So yea... I felt so scared
|Am |Am/C |D |D |
Watching the flames crayon red...

|D |D |

|G |Bm |C |Bm
This.... Kid.... Hung on me too
|Am |D |
So I had to hide in a
|G |Bm |C |Bm
Church...Just me..........and the town..mayor
|Am |D |
and his son who was handi-

|G |Bm |Em |Em |
capped who wouldn't be quiet... unless
|Am |Am/C |D |D |
his dad would sing him
|G |Bm |Em |Em |
So yea... It wasn't long before
|Am |Am/C |D |D |
they found out just where we were....
|D |D |
|C |C |C |C |
I wasn't mad...... at that kid at
|G |G |G |G |
All.... I just..
|C |C |C |C |
Felt so sad....when his dad said...
|G |Gmaj7 |G |Gmaj7
Goodnight Boy..... Go to sleep Boy
|E |Bm |E |E
Shutup... Boy ....for me
|G |Gmaj7 |G |Gmaj7
Goodnight Boy..... Go to sleep Boy
|G |Gmaj7 |Em |Em
Shutup....Boy.......for me

Uke tab by , 15 Oct 2009

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