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curso de ukulele

C chordC
I feel a filth in my bones
F chordF
Wash off my hands till it's gone
Am chordAm
Your walls they're closing in
G chordG C chordC
With velvet curtains

Some love was made for the lights
Some kiss your cheek and goodnight
Lift up a red high heel
Lock up your doors with steel

You're making noise in my street
My blinds are drawn I can't see
Smashed in my car window
Didn't touch the stereo

F chordF Am chordAm
Slow it down
G chordG C chordC
And you come back to bed
F chordF Am chordAm G chordG C chordC
Rest your arms and rest your legs

Act like you've been here before
Smile less and dress up some more
Tie up your scarf real tight
These boys are out for blood tonight


And when she stood she stood tall
She'll make a fool of you all
Don't ask for cigarettes
She ain't got nothing left for you

I never she never we never look back
That wasn't what we were good at
And when it came to love
We were not good enough for it


Don't you frown when you're feeling like that
Only love can pick you out of this


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flag for US(ISO2) (Nixa)
This is perfect!
10 Jan 2018
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