Can't Help Falling In Love With You Tab por Elvis Presley

8 Acordes utilizados en la canción: C, Em, Am, F, G, B7, A7, Dm

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Album:  desconocido
Key: C, AmAcordes
tonalidad original: +2.0 mediotono (afinación original)
progresión de acordes arreglados para el ukulele.
C C    Em Em  Am Am         F F     C C      G G
Wise men say, only fools ruuuush in
F F G G Am Am F F C C G G C C
But I can't help falling in loooove with you
C C Em Em Am Am F F C C G G
Shall I stay, would it beeee aaaaa sin
F F G G Am Am F F C C G G C C
If I can't help falling in loooove wiiiith you

Em Em B7 B7 Em Em B7 B7
Like a river flooows, surely to the sea
Em Em B7 B7 Em Em A7 A7 Dm Dm G G
Darling so it goeeees, some things are meant to be

C C Em Em Am Am F F C C G G
Take my hand, take my whooole life too
F F G G Am Am F F C C G G C C
For I can't help faaalling in love with you


C C Em Em Am Am F F C C G G
Take my hand, take my whooole life too
F F G G Am Am F F C C G G C C
For I can't help faaalling in love with you
F F G G Am Am F F C C G G C C
For I can't help faaalling in love with you

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Tab por , 10 ene 2010

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buzzurd avatar
doo dadoobeedooDoo dadoobeedoo
26 Mar 2024
kootenay1 avatar
Dumb question...when you pick do play the chords ?
27 Feb 2024
Patrón de rasgueo
Flipidy avatar
this song is so fun to play
01 Feb 2024
NoThoughtsJustVibes avatar
I DDU UDU for all except the last "I can't help falling in love with you" which I do down strums for
09 Aug 2023
Patrón de rasgueo
Oskar_sa avatar
First song i learnt on ukulele
05 Aug 2023
qsdamar avatar
flag for BA(ISO2) (Mostar)
Try D duduD duduD
02 Aug 2023
Typ0Fr0g avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Eckruteak City)
For the strumming pattern, I use either one down strum on each chord for a more slow, romantic sounding song, or I use D DUDU for a faster, more lively version. Also, if you tune your uke A half step down but play the chords for standard tuning, it sounds really cute.
30 Jun 2023
JohnNelson avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (new york)
My most recent pay test was for a 12-hour-per-week internet job for $9,500. For months, my sister's friend has been making an average of 15,000, and she puts in about 20 hours every week. As soon as I gave it a try, I was shocked at how simple it was.
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16 Jun 2023
RandomBeginnerDude avatar
Try D uduD uduD
31 May 2023
Patrón de rasgueo
RandomBeginnerDude avatar
Try D uduD uduD
31 May 2023
Patrón de rasgueo
maya_papaya avatar
what's the strumming pattern
08 Jan 2023
semeolvido avatar
hermosa preciosaa
24 Jul 2022
ella_28 avatar
use 4320 as the chord thing for B7
10 Jun 2022
ella_28 avatar
for an easier transition in the bridge you can just go to Dm to G7
22 May 2022
Fretting70 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Philadelphia )
Really like it. Thank you.
19 May 2022
Idan_malka avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Las Vegas)
Best picking pattern: (1+4) 2-3-4-3-2
19 Dec 2021
Patrón de rasgueo
choufis avatar
18 Dec 2021
Biggama18 avatar
esta canción es hermosa
21 Aug 2021
JerryNanra avatar
18 Jul 2021
UkeNovato avatar
I love this song i started just a few days ago and my ukelele sounds like the angels
30 Jun 2021
Amysyed25 avatar
bruh I love this song
07 Jun 2021
loki_sirius avatar
The G over 'with' is actually a G7
21 Mar 2021
igmegumi avatar
it is a beautiful song to play when you're in love lmao I rlly like it
24 Jan 2021
fieldcode avatar
flag for PH(ISO2) (Manila)
Yes! I can't help falling in love with this song over and over again. My fav song to play.
10 Dec 2020
JaxX avatar
flag for DE(ISO2) (Berlin)
Love it, it's great!
08 Dec 2020
Retrograde avatar
I like this, it's very easy and good.
30 Nov 2020
greenpanda_xx55 avatar
Em Am
Em Am
Em Am F Dm F
11 Nov 2020
poopbaby avatar
a simple DUDUD sounds good!!
or just an even simpler down strum for every chord
05 Oct 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
Macracantha avatar
28 Sep 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
xxhobimysunshinexx avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Richmond Hill)
i use hawaiian strum for this it works great. the bridge sound a bit off to me
15 Aug 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
AestheticsOnly avatar
there are multiple ways to pluck this song, easy, 1,2,3,4 nice and slow, little harder, 2314132
03 Aug 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
SevSpen avatar
31 Jul 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
alefreedes_ avatar
Hola! alguien sabe cual es el rasgueo?
30 Jun 2020
Angetot avatar
DDU UDU sounds better:))
25 Jun 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
spyder1720 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Seattle)
In the bridge, the last Dm after A7 on the lyric 'be', would be better as a Dm7.
20 Jun 2020
cecederdere avatar
flag for CN(ISO2) (Hong Kong)
ddud is working great for me
15 Jun 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
clahhra avatar
For those that have a problem with B7 like myself, try replacing it with a D
04 Jun 2020
gbalmiron avatar
wise men say onlyfools. rush in
but I. cant help. falling in love with you
26 May 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
JR127 avatar
mobile flag for MY(ISO2) (Kuala Lumpur)
there's an easier way of playing this song with less chords and sound just as good
25 May 2020
barbuzor avatar
24 May 2020
juleerecchia avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Sarnia)
strumming: DDUD
26 Apr 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
mandiplayzuke avatar
in my opinion simply using a D for the whole song sounds great and is super easy
13 Apr 2020
ukuleleprincesse avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Briarcliff Manor)
such a beautiful song, and so easy!
12 Apr 2020
Pipolechien avatar
mobile flag for FR(ISO2) (Mérignac)
Such a heartwarming song.
love it just a single D and D DU for em-B7
14 Mar 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
Rey_J avatar
mobile flag for CA(ISO2) (Calgary)
this is so easy to learn! it's very slow, and if you're having trouble strumming then you can just go down once for each note, and it sounds great!
07 Mar 2020
otaku_gamer avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (abilene)
great song
great song
22 Feb 2020
mayragalland avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (San Antonio)
You can also fingerpick this song as (1+4) 2-3-4-3-2 (1= thumb, 2= index, 3=middle 4= ring)
22 Feb 2020
Noraiza avatar
07 Feb 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
Joanna172 avatar
DDU works really well, when there is a new chord sooner than your done go in the middle of your strumming when you change (example: A chord: DD Em: UDD)
20 Jan 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
vickybug avatar
DDUX works greatttt
04 Jan 2020
Patrón de rasgueo
Avikd19 avatar
Twenty One Pilots made me fall in love with this one!
19 Dec 2019
rbeatriz99 avatar
mobile flag for PY(ISO2) (Fernando de la Mora)
sería bueno que en la app te muestre como es el rasgueo
03 Dec 2019
vv13 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (hacienda heights)
I use the strumming pattern DDDU.
23 Nov 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
secretmusician avatar
such a heartwarming song
04 Nov 2019
bunny51940 avatar
love it
12 Oct 2019
ilya_1337 avatar
24 Sep 2019
SotoUke avatar
Im also using DD UDU
23 Sep 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
brandonbeast avatar
the one I found online is the way twenty one pilots covered it and it uses D DUDU I think it sounds great
18 Sep 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
ukeboi18 avatar
I personally think DDUDU
22 Aug 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
lexyyyylb avatar
So good!
20 Jul 2019
horses3839 avatar
use ddu udu
18 Jul 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
Yoitzdani avatar
I personally use dduudu
03 Jul 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
likliklik avatar
this is good
16 Jun 2019
JustVi avatar
08 Jun 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
MHumilde avatar
mobile flag for PH(ISO2) (Alaminos)
am I the only one using DD DUD ?
07 Jun 2019
bakugos_thighs avatar
mmmmmmm yes
30 May 2019
mamakook avatar
this was perfect for me as a beginner and was my first song to play! started just as a plucking pattern to practice moving my fingers then slowly added in the strumming pattern. great song for starting!
22 May 2019
ohyeahyeah avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Harlan)
oh yeah
16 May 2019
SashaSss avatar
I think it's better than D DU
09 May 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
SashaSss avatar
I use D DU
05 May 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
yodry07 avatar
yo utilizo DDUUDU
30 Apr 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
cambiaría el Em a G, suena mejor
I would chance the Em to a G, sounds bettee
27 Apr 2019
viti avatar
flag for UY(ISO2) (Montevideo)
como puedo inprimir?
25 Apr 2019
bdahill avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Taunton)
where are the tabs?
20 Apr 2019
stargazer03 avatar
love this one
13 Mar 2019
maddysuke avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (fantasy-land)
if you are just beginning, you can just strum down and it sounds nice :)
04 Mar 2019
Emmabrass avatar
Playing an up stroke on c makes it sound more like the melody
27 Feb 2019
Kwolftribe avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Norfolk)
Just played this on my uke, I was mesmerized.
24 Feb 2019
Dinodemp321 avatar
D DUDU Is What I Use
14 Feb 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
FlorrPared avatar
I use DUDU or UDUD
30 Jan 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
Maggi1337 avatar
struming pattern is D DUDU
28 Jan 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
PoprostuAgat avatar
24 Jan 2019
shoya avatar
flag for DK(ISO2) (in a hole)
DDUD is a pretty good strumming pattern
23 Jan 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
ehBob avatar
flag for SE(ISO2) (Gothenburg)
The strumming DDUDU sounds amazing and its pretty easy to learn x3
17 Jan 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
ki5r1l avatar
07 Jan 2019
sopagalaz avatar
flag for CL(ISO2) (Santiago)
Really easy strumming pattern
06 Jan 2019
Patrón de rasgueo
ariannapelle avatar
i just did down strokes the whole song
05 Jan 2019
themeatpit avatar
instead of using b7 I choose to substitute it with Am it works
28 Dec 2018
HopefullyNormal avatar
Strumming patterns you can use:
DD (Down twice per chord)
D (Strum down once per chord)
25 Dec 2018
Patrón de rasgueo
DekuSans avatar
I honestly thing just strumming down when a note comes and when a "with you" comes up you will be played as c
15 Dec 2018
EJ_elisa avatar
you can do it with DDU UDU... and also Em can be G just to make it easier
08 Dec 2018
Patrón de rasgueo
makuu avatar
05 Dec 2018
Prlnce avatar
When it comes to strum patterns, if you're just starting, just feel around until you find a pattern that suits you. I know I have one I always fall back on, dd-du-dd-du because its easier to find a rhythm and sing along to that, but just find something thats easy for you to keep
27 Sep 2018
Patrón de rasgueo
zozoaaa avatar
very nice n easy
15 Sep 2018
livijauke avatar
mobile flag for SI(ISO2) (Ljubljana)
No words to say.
29 Jul 2018
dgorr avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Arnprior)
DUDUDU (I find this easier in my opinion)
25 Jul 2018
Patrón de rasgueo
drivelikeido avatar
mobile flag for AU(ISO2) (Adelaide)
18 Jul 2018
Patrón de rasgueo
drivelikeido avatar
mobile flag for AU(ISO2) (Adelaide)
18 Jul 2018
Patrón de rasgueo
cxry avatar
This is a great beginners' song!
03 Jun 2018
VanesaMont avatar
08 May 2018
Patrón de rasgueo
bestmiranda avatar
mobile flag for US(ISO2) (columbus)
29 Apr 2018
UkuUli avatar
flag for DE(ISO2) (Bremerhaven)
It´s a nice one... ;-)
23 Apr 2018
GalaxyGirl15 avatar
Strumming pattern D-dudu
09 Apr 2018
Patrón de rasgueo
panda2 avatar
mobile flag for SY(ISO2) (Damascuss)
21 Feb 2018
Cuenta eliminada

i used the sturmming D-U-D-UDUD

I like to use this strumming pattern for alot of songs, because it makes it easier to sing a long to, if you have a simple strumming patern
11 Feb 2018
Patrón de rasgueo
blahsta avatar
Single down strokes for each chord sounds cute for a mellow version of the song, as a plus it’s easy for beginners who want to be able to keep up while singing it too
29 Jan 2018
sopagalaz avatar
mobile flag for CL(ISO2) (Santiago)
the strumming I use is D-D-U-U
is so much easier and sounds more like the song (at least in my opinion ??)
30 Dec 2017
Patrón de rasgueo
C_A_N_D_Y_13 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (San Francisco)
I used a different strumming pattern than all y'all: dduddu
16 Dec 2017
Patrón de rasgueo
Im_someone avatar
mobile flag for SG(ISO2) (Singapore)
strumming pattern D DuDu
struming D at the beats and u inbetween.
29 Nov 2017
Patrón de rasgueo
Booth42 avatar
if you tune a half step down, it's sadly beautiful
02 Sep 2017
Ukegrrrl avatar
05 Aug 2017
Patrón de rasgueo
Laraaa avatar
what's the strumming pattern?
25 Apr 2017
MusicAddictNamedAsh avatar
the strum pattern is DDUDU
23 Apr 2017
Patrón de rasgueo
uke_fox avatar
which strumming pattern do you use?
08 Apr 2017
tobsn86 avatar
mobile flag for DE(ISO2) (Munich)
instead of b7 just put your three fingers like em one string each higher...
24 Feb 2017
hulingling avatar
flag for JP(ISO2) (kumamoto city)
why are the lyrics in X?
02 Apr 2013
thudster avatar
Not REAL sure about the last part of the bridge, but the rest of it sounds great.
15 Jan 2010

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