Green Harvest Tab por Natural Vibrations

2 Acordes utilizados en la canción: Em, Am

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Año:  2009
Key: C, G, Am, EmAcordes
Em Em, Am Am

Whole song reggae strum

Let the light come shinin' through
Into your room
From a seed a plant will bloom
Yeah pretty soon
Growin' seeds here is a must
It is a must
Smell the green nuggets cannibas
In God we trust

Me no want you come and take, me no want you come and take
Stay away, a stay a far far away
Me no want you come and take, me no want you come and take
Stay away, green harvest every day

Now three months have gone on by
My how time flies
Outdoor weed gives you red eyes
Gives you red eyes
Not the question is where and why
Just where and why
Cause the weed's greener on the east side
We'll show our pride


To get irie I need go smoke a blunt
Me said me crazy, almighty and then me give to jah
Don't you know.....that we can grow it
So give me the hit the stuff so me can rock it sweet and slow
De ma fe sweet sweet tree from Waihe'e Valley
Everytime you look at me, me lookin' irie

Well the politicians try
You know they try
But they haven't asked us why
Oh no not I
Why don't they see how we feel
Just how we feel
Legalize the herb for real



Tab por , 28 mar 2017

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