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curso de ukulele

A# A#                        B B
Drawing a collective breath
F# F#
I could cry myself to death
C# C#
And wash this all away
A# A# B B
In a flash you were gone
F# F#
Leaving me a couple of songs
C# C#
That I listen to everyday
G# G# B B
And I don't even care
F# F#
That you were so unfair
C# C#
I worshipped one time at your feet
G# G#
Save up our tears
Catalogue all our fears
F# F#
Give into the stretching years

A# B -----here the progressions repeat*
Your words hit me just last night
When I saw it with the after sight
What was on your mind
Too late to ever change
Things go a little bit strange
You were too far behind

And the reasons I have to live
Are the reasons that you would give
To throw it all away
Save and freeze up our tears
Catalogue all our fears
Give into the stretching years
But that's ok ----------------B & F#


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