Then He Touched Me Tab por Jean Shepard

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Then He Touched Me 
recorded by Jean Shepard
written by Norro Wilson and George Richey

There was a time when I felt I'd never love again
G7 G7 C C
For hurt had taken all my love away
My faith was gone and I knew I'd never trust another man
C C G7 G7 C C
And loneliness was in my life to stay

Not long ago I met a man he was so good to me
G7 G7 C C
I never thought of him as one to love
He always seemed to be around when I needed company
C C G7 G7 C C
He made my world a better place to live

The other day I noticed he was staring at me
G7 G7 C C
His eyes looked at me as if to say
I know that you're a woman starved for love and tenderness
C C G7 G7 C C
You need the love that only I can give

E7 E7 F F C C
Then he touched me and my world started turning once again
G7 G7 F F C C
When he kissed me my lips started burning once again
C7 C7 F F
When he held me my feet just wouldn't touch the ground
C C G7 G7 C C
Now my world's so bright for there's love all around

F F C C G7 G7 C C
Now my world's so bright for there's love all around


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