Harbour Lecou Tab por Great Big Sea

6 Acordes utilizados en la canción: Bm, A, G, Asus4, D, C

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Album:  desconocido
Key: D, GAcordes
Intro: Bm Bm A A|Bm Bm A A|Bm Bm G G|A A Asus4 Asus4 

D D Asus4 Asus4 D D
As I rowed ashore from my schooner close by
G G A A Asus4 Asus4
a girl on the beach sure I chanced to espy
her hair it was red and her bonnet was blue
her place of abode was in Harbour Lecou

[D D] Oh boldly I asked her to [Asus4 Asus4] walk on the [D D] sand
she smiled like an angel and [G G] held out her [A A] hand [Asus4 Asus4]
[D D] so I buttoned me guernsey and [G G] hoved way me [A A] chew
[D D] in the dark rolling [G G ]waters of [A A] Harbour [D D] Lecou

Bm Bm A A X1

[D D] My ship she lay anchored far [Asus4 Asus4] out on the [D D] tide
as I strode along with that [G G] maid at my [A A] side [Asus4 Asus4]
[D D} I told her I loved her I [G G] said I'll be [A A] true
[D D] and I winked at the [G G] moon over [A A] Harbour [D D] Lecou

Bm Bm A A| X4

[D D] As we walked on the sands at the [Asus4 Asus4] close of the [D D] day
[D D] I thought of my wife who was [G G] home in [A A] Torbay [Asus4 Asus4]
[D D] I knew that she'd kill me if [G G] she only [A A] knew
[D D] I was courting this [G G] lassie in [A A] Harbour [D D] Lecou

[D D] As we passed a log cabin that [Asus4 Asus4] stood on the [D D] shore
[D D] I met an old comrade I'd [G G] sailed with [A A] before [Asus4 Asus4]
[D D] he treated me kindly, saying [G G] "Jack how are [A A] you?
[D D] Its seldom I [G G] see you in [A A] Harbour [D D] Lecou"

Bm Bm A A| X1

[D D] And as I was parting this [Asus4 Asus4] maiden in [D D] tow
[D D] he broke up my party with [G G] one single [A A] blow [Asus4 Asus4]
[D D] he said "regards to your missus and your [G G] wee kiddies [A A] too
[D D] I remember her [G G] well she's from [A A] Harbour [D D] Lecou "

|C C G G|D D A A|C C G G|A A Asus4 Asus4| X2

[D D] I looked at this damsel a [Asus4 Asus4] standin' 'long [D D] side
[D D] her jaw it just dropped and her [G G] mouth opened [A A] wide [Asus4 Asus4]
[D D] and then like a she-cat [G G] upon me she [A A] flew
[D D] and I fled from the [G G] furies of [A A] Harbour [D D] Lecou

Bm Bm A A X4

[D D] So come ye young sailors who [Asus4 Asus4] walk on the [D D] shore
[D D] beware of old comrades you [G G] sailed with [A A] before [Asus4 Asus4]
[D D] beware of the maidens with the [G G] bonnets of [A A] blue
[D D] and the pretty young [G G] damsels of [A A] Harbour [D D] Lecou.
[D D] And the pretty young [G G] damsels of [A A] Harbour [D D] Lecou.

|C C G G|D D A A|C C G G|A A Asus4 Asus4| X2

End on Asus4 Asus4

Tab por , 18 feb 2018

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