A Song About Acne Tab por Charlie McDonnell

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curso de ukulele

Intro: D chordD, A chordA, E chordE, G chordG
Verse: D chordD, A chordA, G chordG
Chorus: D chordD, E chordE, G chordG, A chordA
Middle 1 A G A -- eBut I won t let that define me
Middle D A G -- eYou could try a dairy free diet


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washburn avatar
washburn flag for US(ISO2) (wilmington)
All you did was copy the chords that he gives you under the video.

24 Jun 2010
karmalatte avatar
karmalatte flag for US(ISO2) (St Petersburg)
There's actually a tab out there that has the real chords for it.
This isn't a bad interpretation of it, but there's a much better [and actually correct if you look at the video] version of it.
14 Jun 2010
bananabel avatar
16 Mar 2010
MiniEerikki avatar
MiniEerikki flag for FI(ISO2) (Espoo)
I love this song!
16 Mar 2010
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