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curso de ukulele

Verse 1:
Bb Bb
they're letting
their eyes cross
Gm Gm Bb Bb
cuz they don't know they
don't know what we know
Dm Dm Bb Bb
that these lights
are only here
to lead us in the
wrong direction
Dm Dm
or to a false impression

Refrain 1:
Bb Bb C C
impact is up to us

Dm Dm
and it's all
these days
C C Gm Gm
that kept us
Am Am
so far away
Bb Bb
we can break
out of this name
we could give
Gm Gm
ourselves meaning
Dm Dm F F C C
we were never sorry for
Gm Gm Am Am
the choices that we made
Bb Bb
not to sing in your
F F Gm Gm
name but what is faith?

Interlude: Dm--F-Bb--Gm-

Verse 2:
Bb Bb
not in the mood
Gm Gm
to chase, not
Dm Dm
after these things
Am Am Gm Gm
will never change
Bb Bb
a small claim to the
stories we've told
Dm Dm
who says we're wrong?
with waking arms we
Am Am
stood so strong

Refrain 2:
Bb Bb C C
impact is inevitable
and it's up to us

(Repeat Chorus)

Dm Dm
i hope i'm not
the only one with

these words sitting
Bb Bb G G
on my tongue
(i'm not afraid
to say this)
Bb Bb
only drowning
Bbm Bbm
men could see
and that's not
enough for me
oh, what is faith?

(Repeat Chorus)

Outro: Dm--


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