Here Comes The Sun Tab por The Beatles

6 Acordes utilizados en la canción :

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maria_martina avatar
what is the strumming pattern?
11 Jul 2019
ayyyyyyymacarena avatar
how can I not play the b7
02 Feb 2019
ukulauryn avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (San Gabriel)
I just added the tab for the hell of it. I get bored playing just a few chords. Post chorus???
26 Dec 2012
blankman avatar
Post chorus tab sounds a bit off maybe?
19 Aug 2012
CecilieFKK avatar
flag for DK(ISO2) (Ã…rhus)
much much better for me than others found so far..
15 Aug 2012
MuppetMolly avatar
Get rid of the tab bits, because the chords sound great.
15 Aug 2012
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