Come Together Tab por The Beatles

5 Acordes utilizados en la canción :

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cerrie avatar
flag for IE(ISO2) (Ireland)
strumming pattern?
10 Oct 2017
sunparker avatar
flag for IL(ISO2) (Qiryat Shmona)
Fixed by Sun Parker.
26 Apr 2017
georgee avatar
I think this riff is better Do a bend on the E when you playin that 6th fret maybe even try to play with that bend a little
11 Jan 2017
JaxX avatar
flag for FR(ISO2) (Papeete, French Polynesia)
notes are correct! ...but sound weird on the uke i agree (this is an accurate tab i first made for the guitar, and notes are the same here).
24 Jan 2010
irvingjohn avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Ogden)
Intro riff is wrong.
03 Oct 2009
UkuleleHill avatar
Riff needs to be fixed its not correct.
29 Aug 2009
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