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curso de ukulele

Em chordEm A chordA , A chordA Em chordEm A chordA ,A chordA
Breathe breathe in the air Don't be afraid to care
Em chordEm A chordA Em chordEm A chordA
Leave but don't leave me Look around choose your own ground
C chordC Em chordEm
With all you live and how you fly the smiles you'll give
Em chordEm Am chordAm
the tears you'll cry All you touch and all you see is
G chordG Dm7 chordDm7 D chordD E chordE A chordA ,A chordA Em chordEm
all your life will ever be Run rabbit run Dig that hole
Em chordEm A chordA ,A chordA Em chordEm A chordA ,A chordA
forget the sun And when at last the work is done
Em chordEm A chordA ,A chordA C chordC
don't sit down it's time to dig another one The long you live and how
C chordC Em chordEm Am chordAm
you fly but only if you ride the tide And balanced on the biggest wave
G chordG Dm7 chordDm7 D chordD- Em chordEm
a race to wars an early grave


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usuawas_smaidad avatar
please the strum pattern
14 May 2020
Monkeycamera avatar
Change some of the Em's to Em7's.
23 Jul 2011
swango avatar
flag for AU(ISO2) (greene)
basic chording is spot on, but some of the lyrics are wrong
31 Jan 2010
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