Mucky Fingers Tab por Oasis

5 Acordes utilizados en la canción: A, Asus4, E, F#, Bm

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Año:  2005
Key: AAcordes

A A Asus Asus E E x 4

Verse 1

A A Asus Asus E E A A
I know you think you deserve an explanation on the meanings of life
But what you think that you heard slipped away out the back of Your Mind!
You'll get your mucky fingers burned!
You get your truth from the lies you were learned!
And all your plastic believers will leave us and they wont return!

(Oh God!)

Verse 2

A A Asus Asus E E A A
And when you look in the mirror and your tying up your buttons and bows
And as you face your disease you can squeeze into the emperor's clothes
You found your god in a paperback!
You get your history from the union jack!
When all your brothers and sisters are gone and they wont come back!


Asus Asus E E
Im fed up with life in the city!
A A F# F#
Cos all the phonies have blown my mind!
Bm Bm
When im gone yeah you look like youd miss me
So come along with me, but dont ask why....

A A Asus Asus E E
Cos Its All Mine!!!
Its All Mine!
Its All Mine!
Its All Mine!

Repeat the chords to the bridge again for the harmonica solo, the the chorus again.

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Tab por , 13 oct 2009

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