Ha Ha Tab por Emiliana Torrini

6 Acordes utilizados en la canción: Am, C, B, E, Dm, G

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Año:  2008
Key: AmAcordes
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Emiliana Torrini
I figured I'd post the chords since nobody else has. This is not a tab, just
chords, but the song is so simple there is no reason to post anything else.
Tabbed by Is Smith [email protected] Please comment/rate

[Intro Am Am C C B B E E (2x)]
Am Am C C B B
Anger steaming up your glasses
E E Am Am C C B B E E
You've been holding parties all your life
Am Am C C
'Cause it's long gone down
You're still hanging around
Am Am C C B B E E
It's not over till it starts again

Dm Dm C C Am Am
Ha - ha - ha
Hear me laughing
Dm Dm C C Am Am G G
Ha - ha - ha
Dm Dm C C Am Am G G
Ha - ha - ha - ha
Dm Dm
It died out long ago

Am Am C C B B E E
Did you hear me laughing in your head
Am Am C C B B E E
When I saw you stuck in a rut again
Am Am C C B B
Oh that drink went down smoothly
E E Am Am C C B B E E
Just like the one before the last you had

Am Am B B B B
Questions I have answered
E E Am Am C C B B E E
You are still asking yourself again
Am Am C C B B
Passed out in the gutter worn out
E E Am Am C C B B E E
In your head your voices aren't clearer now after all


[Verse 1 again]

Ha ha ha
Hear me laughing
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha
You died out long ago

Tab por , 31 may 2015

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