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curso de ukulele

[Verse 1]
G#m chordG#m
It's like a pencil with erasers at both ends
I want it all but we're dealing in percents
E chordE
And these activities that you have engaged in
This is the politics of seeing you dance with him
G#m chordG#m
We began with concluding remarks
Pick up the pieces and examine the parts
E chordE
Your words always cut when they're clich
But here's my knife because I came for the buffet

G#m chordG#m
This is the way it goes
With you a part of it
Nervously saying words
That oh-so-tightly fit
E chordE
A chordA mark beneath the chin (Uh Uh)
I've caught you once again
G#m chordG#m
It's in the way you sell every word and phrase
And leaving me to know how much the meaning weighs
E chordE
Saying that but meaning this Uh Uh
Using hands for emphasis
G#m chordG#m E chordE
Oh Ho Oh Ho Oh Ho Oh Ho repeat

[Verse 2]
G#m chordG#m
You'd like to think that you're the best part of me
E chordE
But I confess there is nothing left of you here nothing left of you here
G#m chordG#m
These parallels and silly games
Hide your face and say the name
E chordE
Say the name say the name


G#m chordG#m B chordB F#m chordF#m G#m chordG#m B chordB F#m chordF#m
There's that smile again
G#m chordG#m B chordB F#m chordF#m
You fake it and I follow you right in
G#m chordG#m B chordB F#m chordF#m
What a fool I've been
To fall for it each time

[Chorus 2x]


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