My Old Story Tab por Bjorn Afzelius

7 Acordes utilizados en la canción: C, G/B, Bb, A, Dm, G, Em

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curso de ukulele

C C - G/B G/B - Bb Bb - A A -Dm Dm - G G - C C

Em Em - A A - Dm Dm - G G - C C

Do you remember that lonely alleyway?
I still remember now

The anxious days when I couldn't tell you I loved you
Did you know about that?

The beautiful nights of the past when we were childish
I am still in love

You childish person
You try to take all of me, you heartless person

Were you too shy to say anything? Did you not like me?
I still can't figure it out

If you hear this song, please come to me
My dear, I'm waiting

You heartless person
This night tries to take all of me, you childish person

Tonight, tomorrow night and the night after that
I'll wait forever

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