Terrible Things Tab por April Smith And The Great Picture Show (Acordes Baritono)

4 Acordes utilizados en la canción: Am, A6, Dm, E

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Año:  2010
Key: AmAcordes
Verse 1:

Am Am A6 A6
If you dig under my feet
you will find things that you don't want to see
Am Am A6 A6
things that i hide deep down inside
Riff Am Am A6 A6
a menagerie of the tragedy i caused and all of my flaws
Riff Am Am
and my demons are all that can see
A6 A6 Am Am Am Am A6 A6 Am Am
then what would you do ...if you only knew


Am Am A6 A6
all of the things that I've done
Dm Dm
terrible things...you would never believe
Am Am A6 A6
things that I've done

Oh how you'll run
Dm Dm
if you knew a single one
Am Am A6 A6 Am Am A6 A6 Am Am
all of the things that I've done

Verse 2:

Am Am A6 A6
Would my face give me away

but i know it wont
cause i don't even feel
Am Am A6 A6
i just reflect what you expect
so you don't suspect that...
Am Am A6 A6 Am Am A6 A6 Am Am
i could be exactly who i am



Dm Dm
I know that I'm inflected
Am Am
but who could have predicted
Dm Dm E E
that monster that I've become
Dm Dm
i keep things carefully covered
Am Am
so no one will discover
Dm Dm
that i could be the culprit
A6 A6 E E
I'm sorry i cant help it


Tab por , 16 ene 2013

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