Lazy River Tab uke di Hoagy Carmichael

12 Accordi usati nel brano: F, C7, A7, Bb, D7, Gm, G7, Db7, Ab7, Gm7, F6, Bdim7

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Tablature / Chords (Brano intero)

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Anno:  1956
Chiave: sconosciutoAccordi

F F C7 C7* F F C7 C7*
I like lazy weather, I like lazy days

F F A7 A7 Bb Bb D7 D7*
Can’t be blamed for having lazy ways

Gm Gm D7 D7* Gm Gm D7 D7*
Some old lazy river, sleeps beside my door

G7 G7 D7 D7* G7 G7 C7 C7*
Whisp’ring to the sun-lit shore

[Verse 1]

D7 D7 D7 D7 Db7 Db7 C7 C7
Up a lazy river by the old mill run

G7 G7 G7 G7 Ab7 Ab7 G7 G7
That lazy, lazy river in the noon-day sun

C7 C7 C7 C7 Db7 Db7 C7 C7
Linger in the shade of a kind old tree

F F Gm7 Gm7 C7 C7 F6 F6 A7 A7
Throw away your troubles, dream a dream with me

[Verse 2]

D7 D7 D7 D7 Db7 Db7 C7 C7
Up a lazy river, where the ro-bin's song

G7 G7 G7 G7 Ab7 Ab7 G7 G7
Awakes a bright new morning we can loaf al--ong

Bb Bb Bdim7 Bdim7 F F D7 D7*
Blue skies up above, everyone's in love

G7 G7 C7 C7 F F D7 D7*
Up that lazy river, how happy you can be

G7 G7 C7 C7 F F
Up that lazy river with me

Tab uke di , 01 set 2022

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