Gone Forever Tab par Three Days Grace

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Intro: B chordB

B chordB
Don't know whats going on
A chordA E chordE
Don't know what went wrong
B chordB A chordA
Fells like a hundred years I still can't believe your gone
B chordB
So I'll stay up all night
A chordA E chordE
With these blood shot eyes
B chordB A chordA
While these walls around me with a story of our lives

**********(Between chorus and Verse)-----(G than D}*******************

F# chordF# G chordG E chordE A chordA
I feel so much better now that you're gone forever
F# chordF# G chordG E chordE A chordA
I tell my self that I don't miss you at all
Bm chordBm G chordG
Not lying denying
E chordE A chordA
That I feel so much better
G chordG F# chordF# G chordG A chordA B chordB
Now that your gone for-e-ver

F# chordF#
First time you screamed at me
B chordB
I should have made you leave
F# chordF# B chordB A chordA
I should have know it could be so much better
F# chordF#
I hope your missing me
B chordB A chordA
I hope I've made you see
F# chordF# G chordG A chordA B chordB
That I'm gone for-e-ver


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loser avatar
flag for AT(ISO2) (-)
fit quite well :)
15 Jun 2010
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