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Top Reprises ukulélé par les membres de la communauté UT (septembre 2021)

Reprise au Ukulélé par heatherpilar
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# Reprise ukulélé Reprise au Ukulélé par Moyanne
6 Skinny Love (Bon Iver) ShawdiNaimy 8/10
7 Baby Got Back (Sir Mixalot) brookedpalmer 10/10
8 Dear Happy (feat. Thomas Sanders) (Dodie Clark) Lurv Evaluer reprise
9 The Story of the impossible (Peter von poehl) ninoo 9/10
10 Cherry wine (Hozier) Hrmbees Evaluer reprise
11 Somewhere Only We Know (Keane) lilliereed 9/10
12 I'm Going to Go Back There Someday (The Muppets) UkuleleFrog Evaluer reprise
13 James (Laufey) Lurv Evaluer reprise
14 Yesterday (The Beatles) Reevsy Evaluer reprise
15 One Thing (One Direction) catchinggdreams 7/10
16 Bad guy (Billie Eilish) AkaMooks 9/10
17 Memories (Maroon 5) heatherpilar Evaluer reprise
18 Falling (The Civil Wars) shugabella Evaluer reprise
19 Santa Baby (Eartha Kitt) Cynrin Evaluer reprise
20 Hurt (Johnny Cash) miscyme Evaluer reprise
21 I wanna be like you (The Jungle Book (Disney)) JoyLeon 10/10
22 Remember Me (R Lopez / K Anderson-Lopez) ohmuga 10/10
23 I Want To Break Free (Queen) ohmuga 10/10
24 Feel It In My Bones (Tegan and Sara) jenwestmusic Evaluer reprise
25 The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore (Michelle Shocked) annalikestosing Evaluer reprise
26 Alone (Alan Walker) heatherpilar Evaluer reprise
27 Irish Washerwoman (irish traditional song) kikakun Evaluer reprise
28 Belageddu (Kirik Party) vishnuvimal Evaluer reprise
29 Changes (Black Sabbath) Akukegirl Evaluer reprise
30 Anyone else but you (The Moldy Peaches) che53 8/10
31 Mr. Lonely (Akon) sammmriedell Evaluer reprise
32 Nothin' On You (B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars) nproductions 9/10
33 The Fourth Avenue Cafe (L'Arc~En~Ciel) FreezeMango Evaluer reprise
34 Fragile (Sting) Bujtas32 Evaluer reprise
35 Frühling in Paris [4 ukes] (Rammstein) kikakun Evaluer reprise
36 Sentimental Heart (She & Him) ndgriffin011 Evaluer reprise
37 I'll Follow You Into the Dark (Death Cab for Cutie) kayjayy Evaluer reprise
38 Les uns contre les autres (Michel Berger) Jeromine23 Evaluer reprise
39 Lost Stars (Keira Knightley) jasminimal Evaluer reprise
40 Too good at goodbyes (sam smith) Louloute83 4/10
41 Ft Lauderdale (Cheap Girls) pstlwhip Evaluer reprise
42 Dance Monkey (Tones & I) Louloute83 Evaluer reprise
43 Amar Pelos Dois (Salvador Sobral) ohmuga Evaluer reprise
44 Yellow (Coldpaly) ukulelekathy 10/10
45 My Heart will go on (Celine Dion (Reevsy)) 7/10
46 luv (sic.) pt3 (Nujabes (ft. Shing02)) FreezeMango 10/10
47 Bella Ciao (Traditional) Bujtas32 10/10
48 Riptide (Vance Joy) miscyme 10/10
49 Hero (Family of the year) lunnarisxd Evaluer reprise
50 Rusty (Annaliese) klush 10/10