A Bicycle Built For Two Tab par Nursery Rhymes

10 Accords utilisés dans la chanson: C, G7, Am, E7, Dm7, Em, D7, G, C7, F

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A A Bicycle Built For Two (Daisy, Daisy)

C C G7 G7 C C
There is a flower within my heart — Daisy! Daisy!
C C G7 G7 C C G7 G7 C C
Planted one day by a glancing dart; planted by Daisy Bell!
Am Am E7 E7 Am Am Dm7 Dm7 G7 G7 C C
Whether she loves me or loves me not; sometimes it's hard to tell.
Am Am Em Em Am Am D7 D7 G G G7 G7
Yet I am longing to share the lot of the beautiful Daisy Bell

C C C7 C7 F F Dm7 Dm7 C C
Daisy! Daisy! Give me your answer true.
F F C C Am Am D7 D7 G7 G7
I'm half crazy all for the love of you!
It won't be a stylish marriage,
C C Am Am F F G7 G7
I can't afford a carriage.
C C G7 G7 C C G7 G7
But you'll look sweet upon the seat
C C G7 G7 C C
Of a bicycle built for two.

We will go "tandem" as man and wife - Daisy! Daisy!
Ped'ling away down the road of life; I and my Daisy Bell!
When the road's dark, we can both despise policemen and lamps, as well.
There are bright lights in the dazzling eyes of beautiful Daisy Bell
I will stand by you in "wheel" or woe - Daisy! Daisy!
You'll be the bell(e) which I'll ring you know; sweet little Daisy Bell
You'll take the lead in each trip we take.
Then if I don't do well,
I will permit you to use the brake;
My beautiful Daisy Bell!

Tab par , 04 janv. 2013

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