More Than Words Tab par Extreme

11 Accords utilisés dans la chanson: G, C, Am7, D, Em, D7, G7, Cm, Em7, Bm, Bm7

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Année:  1990
Tonalité: G, EmAccords
More than words Chords

Composed By: Extreme
Performed By: Extreme
Submitted By: Tawni

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Saying i love you
Am7 Am7 D D C C G G
is not the words i want to hear from you
it's not that i want to
Am7 Am7 C C D D Em Em
not to say, but if you only knew
Em Em Am7 Am7
how easy
D D G G D D Em Em
it would be to show me how you feel
Em Em Am7 Am7 D7 D7 G7 G7
more than words is all you have to do
G7 G7 C C
to make it real
C C Cm Cm G G
then you wouldn't have to say
D D Em7 Em7
that you love me cause
Am7 Am7 D7 D7 G G
i'd already know

G G D D Em Em Bm Bm C C
what would you do if my heart was torn in two
C C Am7 Am7 D7 D7 G G
more than words to show you feel that your love for me is real
G G D D em Bm7 Bm7 C C
what would you say if i took those words away
C C Am7 Am7
then you couldn't make things new
D7 D7 G G
just by saying i love you

da da de da....more than words

now that i've tried to
Am7 Am7 C C D D G G
talk to you and make you understand
all you have to do is
Am7 Am7 C C D D Em Em
close your eyes and just reach out your hands
Em Em Am7 Am7
and touch me
D D G G D D Em Em
hold me close don't ever let me go
Em7 Em7 Am7 Am7 D7 D7 G7 G7 G G c
more than words is all i ever needed you to show
Cm Cm C C
then you wouldn't have to say
Em7 Em7
that you love me
Am7 Am7 D7 D7 G G
cause i'd already know


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Tab par , 15 sept. 2009

Commentaires (5)

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jlam avatar
Great song, but definitely not beginner level, IMO.
06 Nov 2020
NatFranco avatar
flag for MX(ISO2) (Cuidad de Mexico)
picking would be:
1) hit c with the thumb
2) with the middle finger in C and the index on A play C and A at the same time
3) chuck
4) repeat 2
so... 1-2-3-2
here is the tutorial if its easier for you :) :
01 Mar 2020
learner9 avatar
what's the strumming pattern here? could anyone please help me?
18 Jun 2019
cardamomo avatar
flag for MX(ISO2) (Oaxca)
niceeee song
10 Dec 2017
HighD avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Cranberry. PA 16319)
love Love LOVE this song!
08 Mar 2016

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