A Pub With No Beer Tab par Dubliners

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It [GG] is xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx [AmAm] kindred xxx xxx
In xxx [DD] bushland xx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx [GG] call
It [GG] is xxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxx [AmAm] breakers xxxx
Or xx [DD] look xx x xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx [GG] doom
But [GG] there's xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xx [AmAm] lonely xxx xxxxx
As xx [DD] stand xx xxx xxx xx x [AmAm] pub xxxxxxx [GG] beer

Madam with her needles sits still by the door
The boss smokes in silence - he is joking no more
There's a faraway look on the face of the hum
While the barmaid glares down at the paint of her thumb

Once it stood by the wayside all stately and proud
Twas a home to the loafers - a joy to the crowd
Now all silent the roof-tree that oftentimes rang
When the navvies were paid and the cane-cutters sang
Some are sleeping their last in the land far from here
And I feel all alone in a pub without beer

They can hang to their coupons for sugar and tea
And the shortage of sandshoes does not worry me
And though benzine and razors be both frozen stiff
What is wrong with the horse and the old-fashioned ziff
Mid the worries of war there's but one thing I fear
Tis to stand in the bar of a pub without beer

Oh you brew of brown barley what charm is thine
Neath thy spell men grow happy and cease to repine
The cowards become brave and the weak become strong
The dour and the grumpy burst forth into song
If there's aught to resemble high heaven down here
Tis the place of joy where they ladle out beer


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