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F# chordF# F# chordF# E chordE E chordE E chordE A chordA A chordA B chordB C# chordC# C# chordC# C# chordC# C# chordC#

Play this same chord pattern all the way through

Woo-Hoo x3


I had my head checked
By Achem-Bochek
It wasn't easy
But nothin' i-s oh

Woo-hoo When I feel heavy metal
Woo-hoo And I'm pleased that I'm middle
Woo-hoo When I lye on music

A chordA B chordB
All of the time I will never show when I need you

please I need Yah now start normal chords again

intro again


I got my had done
when I was young
It's not ma problem
It's not ma proble m


Yeh Yeh x3

Oh Yeh cut there


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Fesgosh avatar
Sounds great but rather hard to play :p
05 Apr 2013
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