Hey There Delilah Tabulatur von Plain White T's

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Moozle25 avatar
this is a lot easier to sing transposed up 5 half steps
12 Feb 2019
UkuleleLegend avatar
actually, the chords of my version are D, Gbm, G, A, Bm
03 Jan 2019
UkuleleLegend avatar
the rest of the chords are great,but for the intro, I do the bottom 3 strings as 3,3,1 (x3) and 2,3,1 (x3) twice
03 Jan 2019
thamegg avatar
It sounds much better with G chords instead of Bs
02 Oct 2018
thamegg avatar
I'm doing DD UU D for most of it
22 Sep 2018
Bebu avatar
flag for AR(ISO2) (Rosario)
strumming pattern???
06 Sep 2018
Lalane avatar
strumming ??
21 May 2018
Jazzu avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Kansas City)
awesome! thanks#
29 May 2017
gmbrod avatar
Intro way off... but the chords are good.
29 Mar 2012
Alexxxxxxxxx avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Port Saint Lucie)
The intro sounds better as 5th on a and 2nd on g then 2nd on e and 2nd on g.
20 Sep 2011
Darkrye24 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Arlington)
The intro is way off but the chords are fantastico!
24 Aug 2011
Utzibutzi avatar
the intro sounds a little weird =)


i think it sounds better that way.
04 Jan 2010
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