Nothing Else Matters Tabulatur von Metallica

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snarkbolt avatar
flag for NZ(ISO2) (Christchurch)
Love this song, thanks so much this is great!!
19 Jul 2010
JaxX avatar
flag for FR(ISO2) (Papeete, French Polynesia)
Share it on the website bro, a pdf link is useless here ;)
17 Jun 2010
UkuleleFTW avatar
flag for DE(ISO2) (Hannover)
i think this one is even a bit nearer to the original (don´t want to blame u or something, just wanna know if i´m right with thinking this version on the link is right or not)
17 Jun 2010
JaxX avatar
flag for FR(ISO2) (Papeete, French Polynesia)
Thank you (i'll try to tab one soon)
01 Mar 2010
Riddick avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Furya)
I really enjoy this.
I would like it if you could do One by Metallica?

you know, do more than just the intro... would be nice... like, as much as physically possible.

you have a good ear for it!
great job!
22 Feb 2010
LokiLori avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Vancouver)
thank you!! I KNEW something was wrong with the other version, it wasn't a straight B, but I couldn't nail it down. Cheers
21 Nov 2009
ibanez avatar
very thanks good job
07 Oct 2009
JaxX avatar
flag for FR(ISO2) (Papeete, French Polynesia)
Thank you, it may be not 100% accurate but not far for sure.
05 Sep 2009
KetchupRob avatar
flag for GB(ISO2) (London)
Good job
03 Sep 2009
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