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C chordC Em chordEm
I see trees of green
F chordF Em chordEm
red roses too
F chordF C chordC
I see them bloom
E7 chordE7 Am chordAm
for me an for you

F chordF
and i think to my self
G7 chordG7 C chordC-F chordF-G7 chordG7
what a wonderful world

C chordC Em chordEm
I see sky's of blue
F chordF Em chordEm
and i see clouds of white
F chordF
the bright blessed day and
E7 chordE7 Am chordAm
dark sacred night

F chordF
and i think to my self
G7 chordG7 C chordC-F chordF-C chordC
what a wonderful world

G7 chordG7
The colours of the rainbow
C chordC
so pretty in the sky
G7 chordG7
are also on the faces
C chordC
of people going by
Am chordAm
I see friends shaking hands saying
Em chordEm
how do you do
Am chordAm
Their really saying
F chordF G7 chordG7
I love you

C chordC Em chordEm
I hear babies crying
F chordF Em chordEm
I watch them grow
F chordF C chordC
they'le learn much more than
E7 chordE7 Am chordAm
I'll ever know

F chordF
and i think to my self
G7 chordG7 C chordC-A7 chordA7
what a wonderful world

F chordF
yes i think to my self
G7 chordG7 C chordC-F chordF-C chordC
what a wonderful world


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Derper avatar
DDU UDU suave
04 Feb 2020
bemiranda avatar
I can't tell ALL I SEE IS AD's popping up all the time, what a waste of time!!!
11 Nov 2019
daniboi avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (barrie)
in the last bit of the song when going from C to A7 add A in there so it sounds better while singing
08 Jul 2019
Meitz avatar
G7 sounds better as G, E7 as Em, and A7 as Am.
23 Jun 2019
sofiesquivel avatar
flag for MX(ISO2) (URUAPAN)
The strumming pattern is d-d-u-u-d-u, is really easy
28 May 2019
Hamiltonali avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Tacoma)
singing and playing this for mother's day, just down strokes, on kala PW. thank you for music, xo
25 Apr 2019
rudolfleon avatar
flag for VE(ISO2) (Lecheria)
Transpose it to +2 and strumming pattern d d by note, thank me later.
25 Apr 2019
ZeldaF avatar
20 Feb 2019
ukubug avatar
d du udu
07 Feb 2019
Linkfreak avatar
I play it du tap d
29 Jan 2019
patzz01 avatar
strumming pattern please i really love this song
20 Jan 2019
sararise avatar
strum pattern?
12 Jan 2019
hlrivera avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Linthicum)
One of my faves!!! Super easy!!!
05 Sep 2018
Doni56 avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Edmonton)
So, why are the words crossed out?
30 Jun 2018
Galak avatar
What s the strumming paterns please
27 Jun 2018
ukebywaves avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Kingston)
This is a lovely song! I appreciate that this song turned out so lovely! I love this song, a traditional uke tune! Keep on strumming’! -ukebywaves
14 Jun 2018
Maxiscool avatar
flag for SE(ISO2) (Älmhult)
For me the G7 parts sould good as just G also :)
11 Feb 2018
Jonsie8402 avatar
For the "I love you" part adding a G on love sounds
19 Jan 2018
Hardiec avatar
pretty far off on main notes,second e should be a c and you can tell by having musical ear other parts are off..
24 Sep 2017
MimiDietsche avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Dillsburg)
How can I find what the strumming pattern is?
04 Mar 2017
shelley61 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Campbellsburg)
Your on the right track but you need to work on the second Em. Other thatn that everything sounds great that is one of my favorite songs!
08 Apr 2011
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