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Anno:  1988
Chiave: G, EmAccordi
On the [G G] Fourth of July, eighteen hundred and [C C] six
We set [G G] sail from the sweet cove of [D D] Cork
We were [G G] sailing away with a cargo of [C C] bricks
For the [G G] Grand City [D D] Hall in New [G G] York
'Twas an [G G] elegant craft, [D D] rigged fore and aft
And oh, [G G] how the wild wind [C C] drove her
She could [G G] stand a great blast, She had [Em Em] twenty seven [C C] masts
And they [G G] called her The [D D] Irish [G G] Rover

We had [G G] one million bags of the best Sligo [C C] rags
We had [G G] two million barrels of [D D] stone
We had [G G] three million sides of old blind horses [C C] hides
We had [G G] four million [D D] barrels of [G G] bone
We had [G G] five million hogs, And [D D] six million dogs
[G G] Seven million barrels of [D D] porter
We had [G G] eight million bails of old [Em Em] nanny-goats' [C C] tails
In the [G G] hold of the [D D] Irish [G G] Rover

There was [G G] awl Mickey Coote who played hard on his [C C] flute
When the [G G] ladies lined up for a [D D] set
He was [G G] tootin' with skill for each sparkling [C C] quadrille
Though the [G G] dancers were [D D] fluther'd and [G G] bet
With his [G G] smart witty talk he was [D D] cock of the walk
And he [G G] rolled the dames under and [D D] over
They all [G G] knew at a glance when he [Em Em] took up his [C C] stance
That he [G G] sailed in The [D D] Irish [G G] Rover

There was [G G] Barney McGee from the banks of the [C C] Lee
There was [G G] Hogan from County Ty-[D D]-rone
There was [G G] Johnny McGurk who was scared stiff of [C C] work
And a [G G] chap from West[D D]meath called [G G] Malone
There was [G G] Slugger O'Toole, [D D] drunk as a rule
[G G] Fighting Bill Treacy from [D D] Dover
And your [G G] man, Mick MacCann from the [Em Em] banks of the [C C] Bann
Was the [G G] skipper of the [D D] Irish [G G] Rover

We had [G G] sailed seven years when the measles broke [C C] out
And our [G G] ship lost its way in the [D D] fog
And that [G G] whale of a crew was reduced down to [C C] two
Just [G G] myself and the [D D] Captain's old [G G] dog
Then the [G G] ship struck a rock, oh [D D] Lord! what a shock
The [G G] boat it flipped right [D D] over
Turned [G G] nine times around, and the [Em Em] poor old dog was [C C] drowned
I?m the [G G] last of the The [D D] Irish [G G] Rover

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