Freeze My Senses Tab uke di Lionel Neykov

7 Accordi usati nel brano: Am, F, G, E7, E, Dm, C

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Album:  sconosciuto
Chiave: AmAccordi e tablature

Am Am - F F - G G (x2)

Verse 1

Am Am F F G G Am Am
Your eyes have more power than vampires
F F G G Am Am
You bit my mouth and then left me
E7 E7
On the floor shivering and aching for more

Verse 2

Am Am F F G G Am Am
Your smile is more dangerous than reptiles
F F G G Am Am
You shot your poison in my skin
E7 E7
And now I can’t get you out of my mind


Am Am F F G G
Help me babe, I got a hole in my heart
Am Am F F G G
My head is spinning I feel so high
Am Am F F G G
Release me darling from this pain in my side
E7 E7 Am Am
And please, freeze my senses with your kiss

F F - G G - Am Am - F F - G G

Verse 3

Am Am F F G G Am Am
Your lips more addictive than sugar sticks
FG Am Am
Make me dizzy and so light I could fly
E7 E7
I think my brain has melted down

Chorus and then:

Am Am - F F - G G - Am Am - F F - G G - Am Am - E E


Dm Dm C C E7 E7
So there, now that you know that I care for you, yeah
Dm Dm C C
Be fair cos I’m a fool in despair
E7 E7
And you got your hands round my neck

2 choruses back to back and then outro:

Am Am - F F - G G (x3) - Am Am


Tab uke di , 16 gen 2010

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meg2440 avatar
that´s look...and sound right...but there´s is not chor here??

"I think my brain has melted"

really thx!!!! marcos
16 Jan 2010

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